Badlands park ranger intimidating techniques

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In every community, models are built from that assumed objective reality which, in the opinion of those who order their lives by them, provide the best ways of organizing life to make the most of the reality in which they live.

Western people hold a peculiar understanding of objective reality and believe they have a duty, a responsibility, to reorganize other people and communities to live by the understandings they hold.

In chapter 4 we explore the century in Western European history when the turmoil of previous centuries had distilled into a new version of 'objective reality' for those who held the reins of power.Unless we do, not knowing our history, we might well, as Edmund Burke suggested, unwittingly repeat it. In the following chapters I attempt dispassionately to explore the nature and history of capitalism .I leave it to you to decide whether it heralds a future of blessings or cursings.October 3 2001) For the past decades the West has confronted what it perceives as a growing 'climate of terror' around the world.While estimates vary, it is reasonable to say that thousands of lives have been lost and billions of dollars have been spent in pursuing, capturing and killing those deemed a threat to the security of Western nations. Before continuing to pursue phantoms and shoot at shadows (and, in the process, alienate thousands caught in the crossfire) we need to understand what is producing this apparently burgeoning antipathy toward Western capitalist countries.

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