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Eco-friendly: easier to dispose of or recyclable after use allowing you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Workz new 3 in 1 repluggable SIM card offers mobile users the choice to use their SIM as either a Mini (2FF), Micro (3FF) or Nano (4FF) module.

As the module plug-ins are repluggable, meaning they can be taken out of the card and then put back together, users can quickly and easily switch between the three formats as they wish.

Here is a quick guide to remove the SIM plug: a) Break one connection bridge b) Break other connection bridge Note: When breaking the connection bridge hold both 3FF and 4FF plug in order to prevent them breaking up.

Workz continues to seek more cost-efficient suppliers and procurement options in order to provide clients with the most cost-efficient solution.

For further information please refer to the following sources: IBIS World Strategic Sourceror South China Morning Post Workz helps you optimise your packing, removing unnecessary and expensive constructions and arrangements.

During mass production the SIM vendor is responsible for following the exact specifications, personalization and overall quality as per the approved BAT card.

Workz T-Zero: Following industry standards, Workz lead-times starts counting from the T-Zero date, which is the first business day after all conditions for proceeding with the order have been met and Workz has received all required items.*At the time of this update, only the UAE and KSA had implemented VAT for 2018.Other GCC states are expected to apply VAT shortly As paper is a key raw material in Workz scratch cards and packaging, we would like to give full visibility of the continuing global price increase in paper.Workz prices are quoted as per Incoterm and exclude VAT.For additional insight into the new rules surrounding VAT in the UAE from the Ministry of Finance, follow this link.

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