Assumptions about radiometric dating

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The western head of the Thames was subsequently captured by the south-flowing Severn.

Of other interest is the Solent, which has since disappeared.

Second, suppose that figure 1 is an accurate reflection that these outliers were real features during the ‘Late Cretaceous’ as a unique period of time in the UK as Rayner and others contend.

We have already established that this was much more recent than 65 Ma.

There are three points which, collectively, are robust enough to resolve the problem that the Bible states that all land was once submerged, even if one or two of them on their own are judged insufficient by those who are desperate to deny the global flood.

By making this choice of answer we have removed 10–30 Ma from Earth’s recent history, condensing the Palaeocene’, and parts of the ‘Eocene’ into a matter of months.

The sustaining of the Proto Solent until the Quaternary (Velegrakis ) with its immense erosive powers in the present Solent/Isle of Wight area suggests that the ‘Oligocene’, the ‘Miocene’ and possibly the ‘Pliocene’ lasted only a few months rather than ~30 Ma commonly assigned to the total duration of these epochs.

Note that the rates of uplift mentioned are in ballpark agreement with those described in Genesis about the rate of the retreat of the Flood.

Large portions of the UK would then have been out of the water within months, though of course, the biblical data specifically refers to Ararat, not the UK.

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