Assassin creed brotherhood updating directx

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He has more than 12 years of experience in the industry in different positions and is passionate about game development and snooker.Olexander Puchka, Graphics Engineer, Ubisoft Kiev Olexander joined Ubisoft Kiev in 2014 and AC Rogue was his first gaming project and first rendering experience.After initial experiments and collaborative work with Intel engineers it was clear that optimization is not enough—some render pipeline stages and some post-effects have to be removed completely.We based the decision about which effect to remove based on its cost and visual influence to meet expectations of hardware owners.Features and effects which affect performance most: The first render pipeline stage was cascaded shadows generation.Due to restrictions imposed by the gaming engine, we could not reduce the number of cascades so we had only one option: give users the ability to turn off shadows completely.

The improved performance helps game developers to enable better graphics quality and higher resolution.

The game’s story not only involves Ezio’s quest to uncover the secrets of his order, but his budding romance and entanglement in a complex political situation as well.

Following the events from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Desmond Miles, have entered a comatose state and the only way for you to get back in the real world is to relive the remaining gaps of his ancestor.

Tough testing discovered some problems with this approach—the level of design was dramatically changed with this optimization choice. By taking changes in detail into account we had to force shadows on problem levels even in lowest quality.

We used single cascaded shadow maps technique with performance tolerant filter to enable them. The second largest optimization was fine tuning the level of detail of the ocean mesh.

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