Aspxgridview rowupdating error message

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And thankful of this link.thanks, Ritesh vyas How to update a dropdownlist in the gridview? I tried to use this: Drop Down List ddl = (Drop Down List)Grid View5. I would not recommend you to append the values directly into your SQL statements , use Parameterized Query instead for security and readabily of codes..

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Close(); Line 66: -----------------------------------------------------------------------please give me help...thanks.. nice description of gridview i wanna ask that-"I have an aspx that there is a dropdownbox.there are multiple table names in the when we select any of them the table would be shown in the how to use insert,update,delete,edit in this gridview control.please reply Hi,i have to read data from excel which is uploaded to server and delete first 12 rows and save the remaining data into a table(which is already created).

Text; //Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("update customer set cname='" name "',address='" address "',city='" city "' where cid='" id "'",obj.con); //cmd.

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update command is not working also it is not showing any error ,i guess something is wrong with the update command my tables phone is primary key hifrnd,i m little confused with the concept of gridview.are required to rebind gridview after rowediting event.we do not bind it again then we have to click twice on edit button to run this event...why?

i am using query base update in gridview but its not working and not showing any kind of and its not working plz help me string id = Grid View1.

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