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Asian men 35 and older are more likely to agree (4’s and 5’s) with the statement “It is important to me to uphold ‘traditional’ Asian values” compared to those under 35.As an aside, this where Statwing really shines — I was even able to determine that controlling for subethnicity and immigration status, age was still a significant factor.Responses were most scattered when it came to treatment vs Asian women.We were not able to find any good explanatory factors that indicated whether someone was more likely to say “worse” vs “the same” when it came to treatment against white people.The presumption is that the person isn’t from “here”.

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Splitting out different subethnicities didn’t matter either. There was a subtle but statistically significant (p value = 0.024, effect size = 0.145) correlation between age and traditional values.

This question was explicitly worded to indicate that “traditional” Asian values were to be interpreted however they wished, without any specific guidance from the survey.

What explains the difference between Asian men who really wanted to uphold these traditional values (4’s and 5’s) and those who didn’t (1’s, 2’s and 3's)?

Note: Our study had higher representation of East Asians and lower representation of Southeast and South Asians compared to the US population which is important to consider as we draw conclusions from this data.

[1]This means our survey overweights East Asians compared to the ethnic makeup of the 18M Asians residing in the United States.

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