Armory not updating my character

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But we have a workaround for you, that uses our in game addon.

This is meant to update your character when the ‘update from armory’ button returns an error due to api issues, or your character doesn’t load on our site.

Go to the “Export” tab in the addon (upper left) 3.

Click the green “Import(from Addon)” button just above your character name. Note this is only available when looking at optimized gear, best in bags, or best in slot.

If your character’s gear, stats, or anything else isn’t updating right on our site, don’t fret!

The armory API is going through a lot of changes and might not be working quite right. To do that, click on the orange robot mini-map icon, or type /amr show in the chat window.

Click the orange “Import” button at the bottom of that window.

It has toons from my other inactive accounts mixed in with this one. Thanks This is very likely one of our ongoing caching issues.

If you can provide me with a list of the affected characters and their realm, I will forward it to our server engineers.

I would like that toon to be removed from the mobile armory if it's possible. Last night, I made a druid with the same name and it shows as level 2 and the old level 9 toon.

I deleted the level 2 toon, and the list still shows the level 9. I have had a realm Transfer with one of my toons a couple of days ago.

If you want to get that data into Sim C, click the ‘export to Sim C’ button found to the right of your gear in the “Now What” section.

Your character now has updated gear, talents and glyphs.

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