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The Chinese were the first Asians to migrate in significant numbers to Washington state.In the mid-nineteenth century, China seemed on the verge of collapse.stands for how Asians and Asian Americans struggled to define their social and cultural place in the larger American society. citizenship, opening businesses, running for political office or lobbying for social services are just some of the ways that Asians and Asian Americans worked to create dynamic communities in Washington state.The creation of community is not a simple process, however. What follows is a brief overview, written to help teachers navigate through this material.The Taiping Rebellion nearly tore Chinese society apart, British warships devastated China's major ports during the Opium War, and periodic flooding and famine wrecked the countryside.South China, primarily the area around Guangzhou (Canton), suffered the most; and it was from here that the vast majority of immigrants came.

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Why people move away or are pushed out from where they lived, and why they are pulled to settle somewhere else, are the central questions behind migration.

Generational tension, racism, and economic concerns all worked to pull Asian and Asian American communities apart. Those interested in learning more should consult the bibliography for appropriate books and resources.

But these communities, like other immigrant groups in U. A timeline of significant dates in Asian American history, with a focus on Washington state, also follows.

Once in the United States, Asian immigrants often migrated to and from places of work; others, after living abroad for a time, returned to their native lands.

Asians, like all immigrants, were a people in motion.

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