Accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings

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guide-dog foundation: First center for dog training in Spain. Amedi, A., Camprodon, J., Merabet, L., Meijer, P., & Pascual-Leone, A. Towards closing the gap between visual neuroprostheses and sighted restoration: Insights from studying vision, cross-modal plasticity and sensory substitution. Paper presented at the First International Symposium on Maps and Graphics for the Visually Handicapped, Washington, DC. Audible signage as a wayfinding aid: Comparison of Verbal Landmark® versus Talking Signs®. (Final report VNTSC-DTRS57-92-P-81354 and VNTSC- DTRS57-91-C-0006). Paper presented at the International Mobility Conference, Madrid, Spain. New orientation and accessibility options for persons with visual impairment: Transportation applications for remote infrared audible signage. Causes and prevalence of visual impairment among adults in the United States. Cory, D., Neustadt-Noy, N., Geruschat, D., Smith, A., Beliveau-Tobey, B., & De l'Aune, W. Characteristics of orientation and mobility instructors in Europe and the USA: A comparison study. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.

Results of a national survey of electronic travel aid use.

Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Research.

Paper presented at the Sixth International Mobility Conference, Madrid, Spain.

Dallas: Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Echolocation reconsidered: Using spatial variations in the ambient sound field to guide locomotion.

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